Tunnel X: Secure, Private Conversation for Everyone


Tunnel X provides a special place for your important conversations. You will love conversing on Tunnel X, and you will feel good that nobody else is reading your messages.

A "tunnel" is an online place for a private conversation between two people. We call it a tunnel because it is a direct connection between the two confidants. It is secure against hackers and other eavesdroppers. And it helps you maintain privacy in your conversations.

If both happen to be in the app ("in the tunnel") simultaneously, they exchange messages immediately, as online "chat." But go ahead and write or read messages any time. Messages are preserved in an ongoing conversation. The space of your tunnel is defined by the messages, images, and whatever else you put in it.

How is this different from other sites?

- Tunnel X knows nothing about you. Not your name, email address, or phone.

- You have no address. Addresses lead to misaddressed messages and spam. On Tunnel X, you and your confidant have a private conversation. It is an online room with two keys.

- Your key -- a hyper-secure password -- is an image file you select. It's unique because it's a photo you have taken (we generate very strong, 256-bit keys from your image file). On top of that, there is a 6-digit PIN you use to sign in, just in case someone gains access to all of your photos.

- Your conversation is encrypted, not scanned to target ads. Your key, which you keep (Tunnel X does not) is used to encrypt your messages. Only you and your confidant can decrypt them. Tunnel X super enciphers with AES, TwoFish, and Serpent, all industry standards. Tunnel X cannot read your messages, and nor can anyone else.

- Not just secure -- private. Encrypted email services can be useful, but they are just email with encryption. If you read private messages in a general email program, the problem is that we tend to leave our email programs open on our screens all day. Our mobile devices may be personal, but our roommates borrow our iPads, kids play with our phones, and colleagues are sitting next to us as we use our phones. Keep your private conversations in your tunnels, and only visit them in private surroundings.

- Separation from your regular mail. Who wants to read thoughtful messages from friends, family, lovers, or important colleagues wedged between spam and dull email chit-chat?

We want Tunnel X to be the most comfortable, secure place to have a conversation online.

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